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GoWorldQ Features


Under this section, clients and partner are able to browse through our catalogue section to access pricing for all our services.


In our ‘Request’ section, feel free to submit inquiries for quotations, support, or any other questions regarding our services. You can easily message us or submit a quotation request, anytime and from anywhere.

Knowledge Base

Our platform provides unrestricted entry to an extensive knowledge-base. This repository houses crucial documents, including employment contract templates, regulatory information, and best practices guides tailored to each operating location.

GoWorldQ Benefits

Our system enables clients and partners to efficiently track and manage their requests, offering seamless access to our comprehensive services catalogue and pricing information. Through intuitive tools, users can streamline their interactions with us, ensuring swift and effective handling of their needs.

Access to extensive knowledge-base. This includes:

  • Employment contracts templates
  • Regulatory information
  • Best practices guides
  • Location-specific content

Available for every operational location.

GoWorldQ FAQ

You will receive a notification email from the GoWorld system. If not, please check your spam mailbox.

After entering your email and password, access the system by verifying your identity with the code sent via email. Once logged in, clients and partners can instantly submit their requests.

In the GoWorldQ platform, clients and partners can receive instant quotations and access our extensive knowledge base, which includes employment contracts templates, regulatory information, and others.

Connect with us instantly for immediate access to pricing details and valuable HR insights. With GoWorldQ, you can bypass the wait for quotations and gain timely information to streamline your decision-making process.

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