Step-by Step Guidance

Need help with how to use our GoWorld platform? Worry not. We have compiled everything you need to know about GoWorld platform to ensure your smooth operation.

Main Dashboard

GoWorld Dashboard allows admin to view all your PEO projects. You may find Project Name, Project Status, Project Creation Date here. 

Project Dashboard

Once you click into the Project, it will lead you to the Project Dashboard. Project Dashboard provides an overview of the Total Employees, Total Payrolls and total unpaid invoices. 

Admin can also view Messages, Templates and Leaves.

How to Create Employee?

Step 1

Go to Employee page and click on “+ Create Employee”.

Step 2

Fill in all the employee details and click on “Create” to submit.



You may add in all the documents or attachments required here. Admin can also download any of the documents anytime by clicking the download icon at “Action” column.

How to add document:


Leave Records section allows admin to add and review all the leave record of the employee.

How to add leave record:

How to View Payrolls & Payslip?

Step 1

Go to Payroll page and click on one of it.

Step 2

Click on the download button at the Action column. You may view the payroll and payslip of the month once it is downloaded.

How to View Invoice by Link Compliance?

Admin can download monthly service invoice from the Invoice page.

The invoice page will also show the invoice status and you may leave any comments if needed.

Change Password

Go to Account and select Change Password to change user’s password. 

Need assistance?

We are always ready to assist you if you encounter any issues or difficulties using our GoWorld platform. You may reach us at [email protected]